Sara Forbes - ​New Adult with class
Immerse youself in a world where aristocracy and sexytimes collide!
My name is Sara Forbes.
My first series is the four-part series "Endowed" and in general I write sexy, story-driven romance novels set in the real world. 
I believe that great emotion comes from compelling stories with believable characters playing off each other in a story world you can lose yourself in.

I write sexy because my characters are young, determined and trying to find their place in life and exploring sex is a big part of that. 

My stories are set in today's world, influenced by current events and external forces that I'm not afraid to describe. I guess you'll either love me or decide I'm not for you. Either is cool. Different strokes for different folks, and all that. 

I love to explore new places and ideas as a writer, and I have very smart readers of all ages who encourage me to take my stories wherever my heart tells me I need to go. 

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