An idyllic, rural Suffolk town

Locations can be characters every bit as much as people and animals can. Here is a closer look at the locations in the "Endowed" series which span the Atlantic, from Eastern Britain to Western United States.
A market town
Fernborough is where all four stories are set
 Unfortunately Fernborough doesn't exist in real life. But the location does... Suffolk in South East England. The point on the map shows where the little market town would be if it existed. In fact, there is a little town there now, called Orford.

Orford is very like Fernborough and the little guest house in the picture is my inspiration for the "Fernborough Arms," the local pub where the Belgrave men drink sometmes. Doesn't this picture make you just want to go there and have a pint with the guys?


A rambling albatross
Belgrave Castle
Belgrave Castle is the main house in the "Endowed" series. 
 The Belgrave's home where Alex, Hayley, Lady Belgrave and Letty live is loosley based on the real-life Appleby castle in Cumbria. 

 And just like in the story, so it is in real life: "[i]ts maintenance has been an albatross for every succeeding generation of the family. As a consequence, the Dukes of Marlborough have sometimes had to make sacrifices. On occasion that has meant marrying for money, not love—the most famous example being the 1895 union of the ninth duke and Consuelo Vanderbilt, the poster heiress of the Gilded Age. It was the ultimate “cash for class” deal. "

I wanted to incorporate this idea into the "Endowed books", the idea that upkeep of the castle was a major burden to the incumbent duke and his family. So we have Alex arguing very early on with his siblings about it (in Cocky Duke), and it's a constanttheme throughout the four books: how to keep the estate profitable and not let it fall into ruin like so many other dukedoms have done?

Number of rooms: Quite a lot! There are 40 bedrooms.

Rooms that are named in the story: 
- Blue room
- Living room where they watch Netflix
- Kitchen
- Parlor
- Library (Ken's room)
- Billiards Room
Other features:
- stables
- duck pond
- orchard
- rose garden